I Hope This Answers Your Questions

Mar 27, 2017

A lot of people have been asking me what do I do. Seeming that I appear to have been jumping around and around. 

I'm a Creative Digital Nomad whose focus is driven by youth entrepreneurship, careers, community development and creativity in Africa. I assist start-up businesses from their initial stage of Brand Identity: Compelling non-Traditional Business Plans, Proposals, Profiles, Social Media Profiles; to a primary stage where they create content for marketing and to the second stage, maintaining growth through relevant market research, to an expert level.

I am currently copywriting, creating fundraising strategies and content developing for a thriving organisation in Tanzania and Malawi for a Switzerland based organisation, in Fundraising and Marketing. After that I will head back home to South Africa to spend 3 months with one of the companies that have enormous potential to grow; this is according to the prioritised client brief requests from organisations and companies in various parts of Africa. From a corporate business background, mostly I focus on high-quality documentation, creative concepts, business profiles, blog posts, focus pages and general web content, but I also write many other types of promotional and informational material for online and offline use by companies of all sizes, in a diversity of industries.

I seeks to create access to tourism for previously underprivileged people through an amazing organisation Expeditionists. I do this by locating the most affordable and safe accommodations; affordable transportation and backpackers across Africa, while creating a first of its own kind backpacking route from #Sol2killi - along the #Cape2Cairo sir Cecil Rhodes Imperialist and Coloniser's route. Which many celebrate by travelling it as an expedition or even as something exciting!

I've created my route primarily through the aim to decolonise it through radical empowerment - entrepreneurship for local businesses to thrive and take back their power from capitalism, exploitation of the poor and corporate monopolies. I'm also pursuing to be an asset in the Tourism industry in Africa; by encouraging visitor's dispersal, which according to the City of Durban's Visitors Strategy 2030 has been lacking in Durban, South Africa alone, not to mention other expanded African regions. My aim is to take the tourism industry to the majority; subsequently empowering the poor and promoting equality through wealth income share - while pursuing to diversify the DFI (Direct Foreign Investments) in southern African countries, so they can not only benefit the people who bring them fourth, nor the people who brought them fourth but everyone in our immediate communities across our respective southern African countries and Africa at vast. 

My vision is to ultimately create a more self-sustainable Africa through independent professionals development and youth entrepreneurship; not forgetting the great support and promotion of start-up enterprises in the Africa's best resource sectors, such as Mining and Agriculture.

I speak in Careers, Entrepreneurship and Business Seminars on various topics such as "How to find a job?", "What is Entrepreneurship?"; "Marketing Seminars for Corporate Companies", Seminars on "Self Development, Identity and Self Mastery".

How do people explain themselves really these days? I do not know. I never want to know what do I do exactly when that question is posed; because I do everything! One day I'm in engineering, the other day I'm in agriculture; one day I'm in hospitality, the other day I'm in construction.

What do I do really?

I focus my energy through supporting start-up enterprises and promoting entrepreneurship in schools from grade 1 to grade 12. This is primarily done by creating access to lucrative opportunities through the extensive pool of corporate informative sources.

What keeps me awake at night?

My passion for research and analysis mechanism, to create effective and efficient strategies that will help you change, define and produce desirable results for your business and or organisation's goals.

What wakes me up in the morning?

My determination, courage and hunger to exponentially be an asset in the development of start-up businesses, corporate entities and your career/business needs.

About me (Thoughts: Written by Shadrack Kubyane CEO | Translocal Economic Development Practitioner)

"Mr Thenga has an amazing ability to initiate and facilitate relationships development between entities and their markets.He has a natural ability to connect with new people, read and analyse their needs; profiles and environments, as well as becoming relevant to their goals through the utilization of ordinary looking tools such as a survey understanding of environmental background, body language and culture. A keen observer of human nature. A censor’s approach of understanding people’s challenges, weaknesses and what keeps them awake at night. An ability to connect the thoughts, spot opportunities and gabs where others see difficulties, An appetite for deriving practical solutions to even the most complex challenges.

Fact finding: When He is assigned to a research mandate, He firstly seek to see the bigger picture. The necessity of this fact finding exercise as it relates to, the recipients of the proposals, those that commissioned the research. The various industries role players he need to consult during the exercise. The online and offline platforms he needs to tap into, to widen the depth and insight of the research scope and ultimately producing a document and or a product that embodies the type of feedback, research, proposal, report and presentation that all stakeholders on board can relate to.

His love for philosophy, anthropology, African heritage, spirituality and sacred geometry are his cornerstone in his career journey. Not forgetting his 5 year on going project to mimic the GEM Report (Global Economy Monitor Report).

I am currently pursuing Agriculture through farming in South Africa, and Gold Mining in Zimbabwe.

Maybe this will solve the question many people didn't know about me.

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