My Moment of Perfection

Apr 8, 2017

The Colours of My Shade

"Capture the perfect moment."

I've had my moments of perfection, where I knew I was in perfect harmony with all the tunes and vibrations of what I have envisioned I would ever be.

The very most perfect moments of my life, where I would be seating in street corners busy buzzing alcohol, guns, fights and drugs passing by like plates of food delivered by a waitress in a restaurant. Within communities that are filled with substance abuse, crime and violence I indulged - people that the society has emotionally disregarded. They are zombies, because they scare the majority. They are dirt, because they're offered rejects - the element of subsidy in various African regions.

The police man who suppose to protect them - terrorise these "things" and when they don't, they are never trusted or believed, despite what could have happened.

I have tasted the perfect moments of my life, through understanding the emotions of the discarded, and the emotions of the one doing the discarding. Risking personal comfort and nays from emotionally draining "do not go there" type of people, friendships that could have been created, and lasted long enough for all of us to live in harmony and in peace. I have lost all the wrong people in my life, that I've chased with all my heart for the validation of a sense of belonging - sacrificing my vision and purpose for the people that are doing the discarding, sometimes without knowing they're doing it. laying myself like a sheep to a slaughterer, to demonstrate new possibilities and options beyond what we are comfortable and used to.

With scientifically "proven" illusions, by academics who studied journals about the views and perspective of lives by other philosophers, scientists and practical delusionists.

"Malawian Art Street vendors"

They claim "Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are"; statements that predetermine that one should not make friends with a certain group of people, dividing us by social class, style and looks - dismantling even the slightest possibility that we would one day live in an equal society, without bias views based on our cultural differences: where people couldn't learn about the cultural lifestyle of the others in this modern society. This close the opportunities for the majority to learn about other people's ways of living, without first passing judgement at someone they could not associate themselves with; especially without being aware of the person in depth.


"Friendly people of the Kalahari Desert"

My moments of perfection, when I touched the gold: the discovery of my heart and the mastering of my emotions; in a world that promotes complacency, I have learnt to emotionally lobotomize - in order for me to see fully the fruition of the journey to the centre of my God given purpose.

Those who often loose themselves they have learnt to quickly find themselves, and discovered ways on how to never loose themselves - through trial, errors and tribulations.

When you have been placed in a space of having everything you ever wished for, and given the opportunity to do the things you said you would do, when you get the things you ever wished for.



"The road to Phelindaba, Bloemfotein"

In those circumstances we often find ourselves in a bumpy ride that proves, it was never the things we ever wished for, that would have made us do the things we said we would do, when we get the things we ever wished for.  It was a psychological mental disfunction, that is perpetuated by reckless un-beneficial societal norms.

We become lazy, because our minds are trained to receive without effort. It is these various factors that govern our world and in our immediate communities.

“Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well- warmed, and well-fed.” - Herman Melville
"South African Khoi-san"

When we have learnt to walk the walk and talk the talk, we would find ourselves in a sense of true perfection, that is not driven by external perceptions. When everyday we become the best that we can become, we adopt the culture of attaining the highest form of happiness, despite any barriers of circumstances. Over anything, even through a "boring" song, you will still find happiness that overlays and scream joy in your heart.

When we start living free without fear or favour. Without cultural misconceptions and different backgrounds or circumstances. When we start to see beyond what a person wears, and what a person drives, smile, laughs, looks, speaks, fails, succeed or whatever the case may be: you will often discover bits of yourself in everyone of them; because we are one - despite social class, race, gender and or status.

"Local Beer in Nkhatha Bay, Malawi"

My moment of perfection has been the moments of developing within me a deep well searched individual, that is devoid of judging another neither by the visible qualities the society has subconsciously thought me to validate people by.

I have learnt to do the things I wished I would do, before getting everything I wish I could get. I am now getting the things I wished for, because I have been doing the things I told myself I would do, when I get the things I wished I could get.

Your moment of perfection will not be fixed and never shaken, but this also means even before you reach your moment of perfection - while you are ducking and diving from the bullets of harsh circumstances, that are brought forth by the society that judges you - if you start by doing the things you wished you could do, when you get the things you wish you could get.

We will always find our moment of perfection, and if you are fortunate enough, you will learn to keep that moment, preserve it and share it with the world through selfless sacrifices.


"People of the great Zimbabwe"
People of the Northern Cape


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