Everyday Hero Challenge

  • Location: South Africa
  • Total Distance: 670km
  • Distance to Date: 0km
  • donation goal: R250 000
  • donations to date: 0
  • start date: Jul 4, 2021


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To inspire everyday South Africans to be their own heroes and make a difference within their communities



• Run 670 km barefoot from Nelson Mandela's capture site to his resting place in Qunu in the Eastern Cape • . Inspire everyday South Africans to be their own heroes in their communities with stories of kindness, compassion, love, resilience, and leadership by fellow South Africans • Pressure large FMCG companies to support the banning of single use plastics • . Raise funds for Simphiwe to finish writing the travel monologue of the John Ross Challenge, Two Beard and John Ross. and for the redesign of the Expeditionists and Expeditionist Foundation websites and branding


The Everyday Hero Challenge is a personal and cause based expedition that Thomas Hart will undertake barefoot from Nelson Mandela's Capture Site in Howick to his resting place in Qunu in the Eastern Cape. The challenge of the expedition will be to inspire ordinary South Africans to become their own heroes within their communities while fundraising for selected causes, charities and enterprises that make a difference to our lives as South Africans and the natural world around us. This expedition is a celebration to those everyday South Africans that have followed in the footsteps of the late Nelson Mandela by working, bringing information, hope and help to those less fortunate than themselves.

Through this challenge, we hope to inspire you to share your heroes with us by email or on our social media channels, and want to know why we need heroes in South Africa and Africa. We hope you will help us to spread goodness, love, kindness, compassion, resilience, inspiration and leadership because we feel that’s what South Africa needs right now during these difficult times.

So go ahead, send us a message, share your thoughts, think about who is the hero in your life and what being a hero means to you. You never know who's life you may save or what area of biodiversity you may conserve through your stories of inspiration . Let us celebrate our “everyday heroes” in South Africa like we celebrate Nelson Mandela.



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