Row the Rivers

  • Location: South Africa
  • Total Distance: 4000km
  • Distance to Date: 0km
  • donation goal: 100 000
  • donations to date: 0
  • start date: Jan 10, 2023


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Row every river estuary in South Africa to create awarness on the abundance of biodiversity that exists in our rivers and on our coastal shores and the great risks that plastic, sewage and mining pollution pose in threatening this biodiversity.



• Row a km down each river estuary in South Africa from Kozi Bay to Alexandra Bay • Raise awareness on the threat of pollution (plastic, sewage, and mining) on our rivers, estuaries, and coastline. • Raise ESG investment or donations for selected organizations that focus on conserving and protecting river, estuary, and ocean biodiversity in South Africa. • Pilot innovative means of data collection on the amount of riverbed pollution there is within our rivers and estuaries. • Publish results of riverbed pollution data. • Produce content for educational use on the expedition and the threat man made pollution poses for our biodiversity along our beautiful rivers and coastline. • Raise funds for a selected developmental rowing club in South Africa.


The Row the Rivers expedition is a solo sculling adventure along every estuary possible in South Africa as well as the Vaal-Orange water system. The expedition will consist of Thomas Hart rowing his scull along the estuary of every river that pours into the Indian and Atlantic Oceans across



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