The Impi Grand Traverse

  • Location: The Buffalo Trail
  • Total Distance: 0km
  • Distance to Date: 240km
  • donation goal: R50 000
  • donations to date: 0
  • start date: Dec 16, 2021


profile pic of Thommo Hart profile pic of Simphiwe Fiddy Ngcobo


Map out a trail from Greytown to Dundee to engage the feasibility of establishing a biodiversity for sustainable development corridor and heritage, wilderness and reconciliation trail for the intrepid traveler.



• Map out the Trail from Greytown to Dundee • Map out the Bhambatha Rebellion Trail • Map out potential camping and Home-stay sites along the trail • Engage with communities along the trail about community tourism and the opportunities to established their own tourism products along the trail • Create visual content that focuses on the tourism assets of the region • Assess the feasibility of creating a biodiversity for sustainable development corridors between Greytown and Dundee • To fundraise R50 000 and above to invest in local charities and community tourism along the trail


The Impi Grand Traverse is a hiking challenge along the Tugela and Buffalo rivers from Greytown to Dundee that includes reaching the peaks of 10 mountains. The mini expedition will be undertaken by Thomas Hart and Simphiwe Ngcobo in aim to map out a heritage and reconciliation trail from Greytown to Dundee to reappropriates the Battle Route to include the stories from all sides, engage communities on the potential in establishing community tourism services along the trail and raise funds to invest in local community tourism and charities.

The trail that will be mapped out from Greytown to Dundee will be 240 km in distance and could cater for the outdoor adventurer seeking nature, culture, history, community and reconciliation. With the Umvoti and Umzinyathi regions being locations of several historic moments in South Africa that pitched competing forces against each other for ownership of the country, the trail will visit these historical battle grounds for the purpose of encouraging reflection, engagement and reconciliation. These historic sites include Greytown, Bhambatha’s Ambush Rock, Rorkes Drift, Iswandlana, Blood River and Dundee.

The mapping of the Trail during the expedition will start at the Greytown city hall and then follow n this order:

• Lake Merthley
• Ngome Mountains
• Bhambatha Rock
• Phakwe
• Ningiza
• Tugela Fishing Village
• Tugela River
• Nhlonga
• Othame
• Ngubevu
• Wolwane
• The Buffalo River
• Mngeni
• Mazabeko
• Mahlaba
• Manxili
• Woza
• Woodleigh
• Fugitives Drift
• Iswandlana
• Rorkes Drift
• Battle of Blood River
• Dundee

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