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At Expeditionists, we are family and community. We love interacting with Earth's beauty, nature, cultures and all those who live on it. Become part of our community by either donating, becoming an Expeditionist, assisting on someone else’s expedition, volunteering or signing up for our newsletter.

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We want a journey with purpose. Got a great idea for an expedition? Or do you want to join one of our expeditions as an expeditionist? Submit your applications and proposals below!

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Through our creative team collaboration and volunteer program, we call for people to find their inner adventurer. By signing up as a volunteer, you will be able to participate on one of our expeditions by either joining and supporting an expedition on the ground with one of our adventurers for a certain period or from your home. We need people to create marketable “Africa Inspired” content (textual, visual and audio) that can be used for either awareness, educational or marketable purposes and then sold to brands and companies worldwide. All your hard work will be noted and you will be credited for it. Submit your application below.

Become a volunteer


We love supporting charities that are creating an impact in conservation, education, health, human rights advocacy, skills development and entrepreneurship across Africa. These are the current charities and causes that we support. Please get in contact with us if your charity or cause is interested in being associated to one of our current or future expeditions.

becoming A sponsor

Sponsors are the lifeline of all expeditions. Sponsoring logistical equipment or funds to a expedition will go a long way in fulfilling the dreams of our African adventurers. At Expeditionists, we pride ourselves in providing sponsors with content, branding, marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities through our scientific, cause and content-based expeditions. For more information on how you can sponsor an expedition and what opportunities we provide please contact us on or submit an enquiry on our contact page.


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