Dean Swart

  • AGE: 53
  • nationality: South African
  • residence: Johanesburg
  • athletic skills: Only when I have to run away from something dangerous
  • hero status: Just an ordinary bloke
  • hero statement: Do not trouble yourself with the lives and exploits of others, go out and make your own memories.


My name is Dean Swart and I view myself as an ordinary 47 year old guy, with a passion for the great out-doors and a burning need to get out and do something to conserve our planet. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and schooled in Kwazulu Natal South Africa. On completing my education I returned to Zimbabwe in order to farm. In 2004 my farm was appropriated by the government in Zimbabwe’s land grab. Whereupon I left for the UK and changed my profession, moving into the construction industry. Finally I returned to settle in South Africa and due to the slow down in the economy and the construction industry, I decided that I needed to focus my energy on my passion for the outdoors. This has ultimately lead to an expedition.


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