Lelo Elvis Munis

  • AGE: 39
  • nationality: Tanzanian
  • residence: Tanzania
  • athletic skills: Cycling, climbing, hiking, trail running, mountaineering
  • hero status: King of the Road


‘Be the change you wish to see in the world,’ is what inspires Lelo in tackling the issues of conservation and climate change. It all starts with individuals to make the changes that we wish to see and live. Just as Africa is a continent of contrast, Lelo's world consists of point and counterpoints. Born in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Elvis passed a difficult childhood spent between his grandmother’s house, living in a bus, and being essentially homeless. At the age of fifteen, he first climbed Kilimanjaro as a porter to help pay for his school fees. Despite his self-driven academic success (also teaching himself five languages), he struggled to obtain the finances necessary to continue his education and thus focused on guiding in the Wildlife Safari industry. Since then he spent time guiding wildlife safaris; leading treks up Kilimanjaro; working as a volunteer in several civil societies; solo cycling in 16 African countries (http://cyclingaroundafrica.blogspot.com); leading long distance biking tours (including Tour d Afriques– Cairo to Cape Town trip in 2011), and teaching Ecology to international high school and college students. Thus, he has emerged an intelligent and thoughtful naturalist and it is this spirit that drives his current endeavor.

Lelo has joined Expeditionists as a co founder in his desire to provide young Africans with the support and community to undertake journeys like his as well as spread the word on pressing educational and conservation needs of Africa. Africa is home to a vast variety of bio and cultural diversity. It plays home to a large variety of wildlife, rare ecosystems full of endemic species and is a harbor of pristine natural landscapes. These are World Heritage sights. Sadly, many of Africa's people lack the financial resources as well as inspiration and motivation to receive the education necessary to successfully manage, develop and preserve these resources and their respective areas. In a continent stricken with challenges, education is a luxury for most citizens. Thus, through El Mundo Safaris, Cycle School and Expeditionists, Lelo hopes provide access to education through adventuring and conservation initiatives.

For more information on Lelo Munis and his projects, please visit http://www.elmundosafaris.com/ and http://chiletokili.com/


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