Sarah Scott

  • AGE: 43
  • nationality: Tanzanian
  • residence: Dar es Salaam
  • athletic skills: Running, surfing, kiteboarding, yoga, creativity
  • hero status: Superwoman
  • hero statement: A installation or an event concept evolves and takes shape during the process of implementation, not in isolation but as a part of creative whole. The key is to stay open yet focused, a balance of listening to others opinions and ideas and being able to extract the beauty to enhance the project without compromising original concept - it is a process of expansion. I love the idea of art as a form of communication - to motivate, move and inspire.


Sarah grew up on a farm in South Africa before moving to Johannesburg when she was 16.

At 18 her family moved to Tanzania, and so began her life changing journey. From Tanzania she went to university in Denver, Colorado where a short lived attempt in theatre compelled her to study something that would bring her back to her beloved continent.

Majoring in International Relations with a minor in Philosophy her studies took her around the world - she worked her summer jobs abroad on gold mines in Tanzania and Peru, and did two study abroad progammes, in Geneva Switzerland and Oxford, Keble College.

Life had become her stage.

Moving back to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Sarah started her own company as a producer in events and film production, where she executed some of the biggest and most creative events in Dar. Sarah is a creative collaborator and networker believing that projects are better executed together. With a strong sense of community Sarah has been collaborating with artists and creatives for years through her various events, particularly Archipelago Creative Nights and Pecha Kucha Dar es Salaam.

Sarah is a free spirit and a wild adventurer with a no fear attitude.

Sarah is a conceptual creative producer.

She is currently implementing The Kilimanjaro Project
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