Thommo Hart

  • AGE: 40
  • nationality: South African
  • residence: Kwa-Zulu Natal
  • athletic skills: Rowing, trail running, barefoot running, cycling, free diving, and kayaking
  • hero status: The Barefoot Runner
  • hero statement: To journey is to experience life in its up and downs; exploring the unknown, the familiar and then sharing it with those close to you. For me, adventure is a way of life


Thomas Bongani Hart was born in Pietermaritzburg to a family of academics and art lovers, and here under the guidance of his mother; a well-known ceramic artist, his love of Africa and adventuring developed. Thommo’s real gift lies in his ability to initiate projects and get the ball rolling. As the founder of Expeditionists and team leader for the John Ross Challenge, The Great Lake Challenge: Africa and the Polar 360 Degrees expedition, Thommo feels most comfortable at the helm of things, leading the charge!

Thommo came up with the idea of Expeditionists as an online platform to market all African adventurers, explorers and extreme athletes. He hopes to start and finish a number of his own envisioned adventures as well.

He has a fine art degree in Ceramics and Art History, a Social Science degree in Marketing and Media, an Honours and a Masters. His postgraduate work and research on Bushman communities in Southern Africa and their interactions with a community radio station took him around Southern Africa to harsh, isolated and extreme habitats where he learnt how to logistically manage field trips and expeditions with limited resources.


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