Trent ‘Barefoot’ Seiler

  • AGE: 31
  • nationality: South Africa
  • residence: South Africa
  • athletic skills: Off Road Biking, Climbing, Survival
  • hero status: A Man of Earth
  • hero statement: If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space


I was born in Springs (South Africa) then moved to Maun (Botswana) for two years, it was here that the bush bug bit. Maun at this point (1995) was a tiny town south of the Okavango Delta. My best friends, were a hippo, and half bushman girl who had been adopted after being found alone sitting by a fire smoking her pipe at the tender age of three. I moved back to Springs two years later, I progressed until grade 9 and then was moved to Pretoria where I completed my schooling career.

I attended the University of Pretoria gaining a degree in Philosophy and Archaeology. I proceeded to get my Masters Degree in Archaeology. My project focused on proving that bushmen were not the iconic ‘primitive people’ incapable of change, rather that they were intelligent and diverse in their interaction and integrated into the Iron Age farming communities leading up to Mapungubwe. Contributing fundamentally to this great prehistoric empire in northern South Africa.

I have a passion for African plant life and wildlife and have traveled southern Africa extensively, exploring remote destinations, surveying and fishing in pristine wilderness. I intend on finding all the most beautiful nooks and cranny’s Africa has to offer. I also have an incurable addiction to African music, having been exposed to the 70’s psychedelic freedom rock from Zambia (Zam Rock) among other north African and Nigerian shredding kings.

My goals on this trip are to expose the public to the beauty of African archaeology, wildlife, music and fishing destinations. I also intend to gauge the state of Africa’s wildlife, giving educational talks informing them on the damages of illegal animal trade focusing on Elephant and Rhino populations as well as heritage preservation . Thus, assisting to prove that this is not just a dark continent rife with peril, turmoil and corruption as the media portray it but ready for change, awaiting you to explore it.


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