A few videos of ours


Saray Khumalo - Ubuntu Everest 2017

A promo video for Saray Khumalo's Ubuntu Everest climb in 2017

Just Highlights - The John Ross Challenge

Just a teaser to what is to come in the John Ross Documentary

Expedition 720 Degrees Promo Video

Angelo's aim is to be the first person to complete both a longitudinal and latitudinal circumnavigation of the globe using only human power.

Expedition 720 Degrees: LA to Fairbanks

This video shows the highs and lows of the successful completion of Leg 1 ( Los Angeles - Fairbanks ) 6500Km. Facing temperatures ranging from +30 to -45C

Expedition 720 Promo Video of 2016

A human-powered circumnavigation from East to West and Pole to pole. By Angelo Wilkie-Page

Wheels 4 Change - John Ross Challenge

Simphiwe Ngcobo's promotional video for why he is running the John Ross Challenge.

Southern Rock Climbing Gym Centre Rumble

A day at the Southern Rock Climbing Gym training and competing in the Rumble.