Expeditionists is founded on the collective dreams of a community, a community of African adventurers and explorers.

African adventurers often battle to get their own projects off the ground due to a lack in financial support and marketing. Thus, a solution was born on the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and the shores of Durban in South Africa, to fill this gap by providing an online platform in which African adventurers could market themselves, their expeditions and the content they create.

Aided by a team of creatives behind the scenes, the content that these adventurers produce is then packaged into customized and value-based 'Africa Inspired’ content. This is the trick to creating revenue and interest in projects because this content is then marketable to exchange with sponsors and content-based education enterprises, or sold off to brands, businesses and tourist destinations.

Our packaged content aims to aspire people to travel Africa, adventure into the unknown and push boundaries in what can be achieved while assisting brands in defining their own moment of greatness.

Expeditionists is a community, a movement, a brand and a lifestyle
We believe in being just epic




Expeditionists consists of four core principles: Explore, Educate, Engage and Empower.



We encourage ourselves and others to explore the world, its people, the land, its oceans and even the stars. To conquer the impossible, solve obstacles, engage the silent and encourage innovation through the advancement of education and knowledge.



We encourage open mindedness and enlightenment on issues around us as we explore. In return, we educate the world on these issues. We value education as the best tool we can use to change the world.



To engage is to communicate with one another. We value communicating and engaging with individuals, communities, cultures, societies and nations. We believe this encourages people to see beyond their differences and inspires them to dream more, learn more, and do more. 



To empower is provide opportunities and new experiences. We strive to provide opportunities for the African adventurers we host, the African causes and charities we journey for and the sponsors, brands and businesses that support us. Through our opportunities, we hope to create Africa's first recognised African explorers community that awards it's adventurers with the African Adventurer of the Year awards.



Any African (a person who was born in Africa, lives in Africa or lives for Africa) with a passion and commitment for adventure, exploration, endurance and a cause can apply.


Once you are part of the Expeditionists family you will be given access to our online platform to market your profile and expedition. You will have access to a community of past and present African adventurers for support, advice, mentorship and potential sponsorships.


As an Expeditionist, you will have to:


  • create content during your expedition which can be packaged for commercial and educational use.

  • publish a blog on your profile at least once a month

  • create education based content to cater for our Adventure Learning resource arm of Expeditionists


The content that is created by an Expeditionist should market Africa and it's people, tourist destinations, landscapes and brands based on our brand tagline -


Just Epic.


Thommo Hart profile image

Thommo Hart

Operations Director

Thommo Hart is a Co-Founder and Operations Director of Expeditionists and an expeditionist himself. He has a Masters degree and has worked in anthropology, film and photography across Africa researching indigenous communities.

Saray Khumalo profile image

Saray Khumalo

Founder and Managing Director

Saray Khumalo is the Founder and Managing Director of Expeditionists. She is a South African mother of two boys, a top mountain climber and also a corporate leader in one of the distinguished companies in South Africa.

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Dymantic Design

Website Design and Development

A talented design duo specialising in Graphic and Web design. They are responsible for this website as well as the Expeditionists logo. Give these friendly chaps a shout!