• Location: South Africa
  • Total Distance: 15km
  • Distance to Date: 5800km
  • donation goal: 10 000 USD
  • donations to date: 500 USD
  • start date: Dec 23, 2016


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To forge a backpacking route which is safe but affordable and effective, that is accessible to all Africans and promotes community development through business, partnerships and storytelling. Primarily this seeks to diversify the tourism industry and share the revenue brought fourth by it to the locals with the locals.



- Map routes, backpacking lodges/accommodations. - Find feasible ways of transportation across Africa. - Understand Africa and it's people, cultures and what makes Africa what it is today. Bey seeks to Document traveling experiences and accounts from all different types of people from all walks of life across Africa so that people can always find the best experiences across our epic continent as well as unforgettable memories which many can never be able to experience.


"I travel not to cross countries off the list, but to ignite passionate affairs with destinations" - The Cultureur

Bey Thenga is a young South African social entrepreneur who is adventuring across Africa, using only public transport, to forge a new backpacking route that is accessible to all Africans while establishing new partnerships, businesses and social projects that benefit communities along the route.

He is presently traveling via the imperialist and entrepreneur Cecil Rhodes's Cape to Cairo route #UnderstandingAfrica and mapping a new backpackers route; a one of its own kind. His key strength is intense research and analysis which will benefit him as he travels across Africa, from Cape to Cairo, to understand its cultures, traditions, challenges and what puts Africa where it is today. His detailed mapping of affordable, but safe public transport, community based tourism projects, guest houses and backpackers across Africa will be a traveling guide for all avid travellers across Africa.

Bey is certified as a Specialist by South African Tourism on "Cultures & Lifestyles" and "Lap of Luxury".



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